How to Make a Wood Slice Hoop  Wreath for Fall

Fall Hoop  Wreath Supplies

1. Embroidery Hoop 2. Fall florals  3. Hot glue gun & glue 4. Wood slices 5. FALL stickers 6. Wire cutters

1. Using wire cutters, cut the heads off of the flower stems.

2.  Secure the the large floral "anchor" to the hoop using the hoop's clamp and hot glue.

3. Add greenery  and secure with hot glue.

4. Add remaining flowers with hot  glue.

5. Cut letters with  a Cricut or buy  fall-inspired  stickers and add F A L L to 4 wood slices.

6.  Use hot glue to  attach the wood slices to eachother and to the inside of the hoop.

Switch out the letters for any season or with numbers for your address!