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Personalized Initial Keychains with a Cricut
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Personalized Initial Keychains

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Additional Supplies for Hexagon Keychain

Additional Supplies for Circle Keychain

Additional Supplies for Split Initial Keychains


Follow these general instructions and see then below for specifics on each style.

  • Open the keychain cut file in Cricut Design Space and customize as necessary.
    personalized monogram keychain templates
  • Load the faux leather onto the cutting mat. Click “Make It” and select Faux Leather for the cutting material for the keychain and everyday iron-on for the lettering. Remember to mirror the wording for the iron on. Cut.
    Cricut Explore Air cutting faux leather
  • Weed out the negative space from the iron-on. Set the EasyPress to 280º F. Position the iron-on vinyl onto the faux suede and lay a protective sheet over the entire keychain… be careful not to shift the design. Press for 30 seconds. Allow to cool before peeling back the iron-on lining.
  • Position the keychain around the keyring and apply permanent adhesive to the inside of the keychain on one side. Apply a very thin line of glue along the edges so there isn’t any leakage. Press the 2 sides together and place under a book or heavy object to fully flatten while it dries overnight.
    assemble personalized keychain

Directions for Hexagon Keychain

  • Create the letter for the initial keychain with the text function and select your font. Center the letter in the middle of the hexagon. Select both the hexagon (just the hexagon, not the entire hexagon keychain) and the letter and click Slice. Delete the sliced letters.
    initial keychain design space image
  • Apply the holographic iron-on onto the front of the keychain.

Directions for Circle Keychain

  • Follow the same process as for the hexagon keychain, except the slice will be through the actual keychain itself.
    circle initial keychain
  • Apply the iron-on to the inside of the keychain so that i peeks out of the sliced initial.
    Circle Initial Keychain

Directions for Split Initial Keychain

  • For this version, you will position your letter centered with half of the letter above the half-shape (the pink section shown). Select the half shape and the letter and slice. Delete the sliced parts with the exception of the top of the letter. Change that section to be the same color as the half-shape.
    split initial keychain
  • Position the top of the letter and the bottom and attach so that the cut will look like this. Press the iron-on split initial onto the keychain.
    DIY Split monogram keychain