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Fa la la Cricut Christmas card
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Paper Wreath DIY Christmas Cards with a Cricut

Crafting time (cutting and assembling)25 mins
Total Time25 mins
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  • In Cricut Design Space (or other cutting machine software), create the base of the card by adding a 10 x 7 rectangle shape. Add a score line in the middle of the card (at 5").
    DIY Cricut Christmas Card
  • Upload the font SVG and add it to the right, bottom middle of the 5x7 rectangle to the right of the score line. Once the font is positioned, highlight it by clicking on the layer and select "Draw" for the Linetype.
    Free Cricut Christmas Card Designs
  • Highlight the rectangle, score line and font and click attach and then click Make it. Turn the dial to Cardstock (or select it from the materials menu if using a Maker). When you're at the mat screen (below) you can use the arrows to reposition the card to save paper.
    Cricut Christmas Card ideas
  • Design Space will direct you on the steps. First you will load the scoring stylus or scoring wheel (for Cricut Maker only). After the machine has scored the line, it will direct you to load the Cricut pen and finally to cut by reinserting the fine tip blade.
    Cricut glitter pen Christmas card
  • Next upload the wreath SVG. Duplicate the circle wreath needle layer once more and adjust width to 3.5”.
    how to make a paper wreath Christmas card with a Cricut
  • You will be cutting 2 wreaths. Highlight both wreaths and click Attach and then Make it. Cut.
    how to make christmas cards using a Cricut machine
  • Apply tiny dots of adhesive to the back of each pine needle cluster. Follow the circle formation and glue down each needle cluster the way it's shown in the design, overlapping them slightly. Use the first set as a base to create the wreath and the second set on top of the base needles sporadically.
    christmas cards with Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Once assembled and completely dry, use some ribbon to tie a small bow and glue it at the top of the completed wreath.
    How to make a paper wreath with a Cricut
  • Lastly, upload the envelope SVG. Turn the envelope horizontal with the large flap facing to the right side. Once, rotated then adjust the size to fit your 5x7 card by adding a 5 x 7 rectangle (the wreath card size) and moving it to the large envelope square where the card will be held once cut. If the rectangle fits without touching, it is sized correctly (if the rectangle is touching the envelope design then just make it a little bigger). Once the envelope is sized, delete the previous rectangle shape.
    Cricut Christmas Card idea
  • Highlight all of the lines that are inside of the design and will eventually house the 5x7 card. You will know they are selected when the turn blue. Change the linetype for those lines to Score. Highlight the envelope and all scoring lines and click Attach and then Make it. Follow Design Space instructions as you did for scoring and cutting the card itself.
    How to make an envelope with a Cricut
  • Once cut, fold all scored lines inwards. Add adhesive from the middle to the bottom of the side flaps to the bottom large flap.
    DIY Envelopes with a Cricut - Paper Wreath Christmas Cards

Envelope flap liner (optional)

  • Upload the envelope flap panel SVG into Design Space and turn it vertically. Adjust the size to about 2.3” wide or layer it on top of your envelope design previously cut to ensure it fits (don’t forget to hide the actual envelope layer before cutting). Cut.
  • Glue to the inside top of the envelope.
    DIY Christmas Card in Design Space