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Mason Jar Dried Herbs labels
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Make Mason Jar Herb Labels with a Cricut

Crafting time30 minutes
Keyword: adhesive vinyl, cricut, cricut joy, organization
Author: Lydia



  • Make sure to wash mason jars with soap and hot water and let them dry completely before adhering herb labels .

How to Create Herb Labels in Cricut Design Space

  • Upload Lettered Herb SVG File into Design Space. Click Ungroup. Click and drag over each of the words with the letter “i” separately. With the word highlighted, click on the “Attach” button to secure the dot over the letter i to the word. Choose which herb labels you want to make and delete or hide the remaining words. Adjust image sizes to fit your herb jars if necessary. Color sync the images if needed to match the vinyl color or change the colors if you'd like to use multiple colors of vinyl for the dried herb labels.
    upload dried herb jar labels sag
  • Click "Make It" and select your load type and material. Select "Without Mat" if using Smart Vinyl.
    mat selection in cricut joy
  • Load the material into the Cricut Joy and click Go. The app will guide you through each step through unloading your material and loading the next one if you choose to use multiple colors.

How to Apply Herb Labels to Jars

  • Cut out each word and weed away the negative (excess) vinyl around the words.
    weed herb label vinyl decals
  • Cut a piece of transfer tape for each word. Peel away the transfer tape backing and place over the words. Gently rub the vinyl to help it stick to the transfer tape.
    cricut transfer tape
  • Peel back the vinyl liner, leaving just the lettering attached to the transfer tape. Position the word with the transfer tape onto the smooth side of the mason jar and press in place.
    apply labels for dried herbs with transfer tape
  • Press the vinyl image down with your fingers or a scraper tool to help it stick to the glass jar. Slowly and carefully peel back the transfer tape.
    apply labels for dried herbs with transfer tape
  • Repeat for as many mason jar herb labels as you'd like to make.


The Cricut Joy was used for this project but any Cricut machine will work.