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Faux finish concrete pears
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How to Paint Faux Concrete Pear Place Card Holders

Author: Lydia


  • 2 oz. Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Yesteryear and Artifact
  • DecoArt Extreme Sheen paint in Rose Gold
  • Painters tape
  • Silicone sponge
  • Paint brush
  • Knife


How to create a faux concrete finish

  • Using a dense sponge, apply Chalky Finish paint in Yesteryear on one side of the pear with a stippling motion. A silicone makeup sponge worked like a champ for this project. Sit the pear in a small glass or bowl to dry. Once dry, flip over and repeat on the other side of the pear. Allow to dry.
  • With another sponge, apply a thinner coat of Chalky Finish paint in Artifact on one side of pear with a long swipe of the sponge (the longer swipe with lighter pressure on the sponge will allow some of the Yesteryear to peek through). Immediately use the course paint brush to brush off some of the Artifact paint and create more depth and texture. The window to do this dry brush technique is very short since the Chalky Finish paint dries so fast. Allow to dry.
  • Tape off the areas that will be painted metallic with painters tape. Ensure the edges are burnished to the faux concrete pears to avoid any paint seepage. Apply 2 coats of Extreme Sheen paint in Rose Gold with a paint brush, allow to dry fully in between coats. Peel back tape to remove after applying the 2nd coat of paint.
  • Decide which angle will be the front of the place card holder based on how they stand straight. Cut a small slit on top of the faux concrete pear (make sure the slit is wide enough to hold a place card). It works best to have the place card go behind the pear's stem since the styrofoam pears are so light... it balances the center of gravity so that they stand up better.
  • Insert place cards into the faux concrete pear place card holders.